Rethinking Brain Support Through a New Lens

What is Brain Health?

From our thoughts, emotions, memory and motor skills, to vision, temperature, and hunger, our brain is at the center of it all. And when we contemplate a definition of brain health, we’re talking about more than the absence of disease. Instead, we’re moving toward a proactive perspective that speaks to: optimal cognitive functioning, resilience in the face of day-to-day stressors, and an overall sense of wellbeing and productivity.

In the United States alone, 50 percent of people will experience a brain health condition in their lifetime. These conditions can range from mild, brief mood disturbances that resolve on their own, to severe, chronic health conditions that can be debilitating, especially when undiagnosed or left untreated. And while there is substantial variation among countries, a mental health condition will affect between a quarter and half of all people at some point in their lives.

Despite the prevalence of brain health conditions, they remain one of the least-addressed topics in health. While brain disorders can be disabling, research shows that many are preventable and treatable. Some interventions may include one or a combination of: psychotherapy, preventive or behavioral treatments, medication, social support, and digital tools. And, in many cases, the earlier the intervention, the more effective it is in minimizing individual suffering, as well as overall cost to society.

The way people perceive, express, and cope with brain health conditions is strongly influenced by the social, cultural, economic, and physical environments in which they live. Other important aspects in shaping our cognitive wellbeing are related to age and gender, societal expectations and lived experiences.

Source: McKinsey & Company article: What is brain health?

Engaging Formulations that Address In-Demand Consumer Needs

Gen Z and Brain Health

Gen Z and Brain Health According to a global survey conducted by the McKinsey Health Institute (MHI), Gen Z respondents ranked their mental health as poorer than their physical, social, or spiritual health and were three times likelier than baby boomers to report poor or very poor mental health. The underlying causes for this may be related to the ongoing stages of neurological development for Gen Zers, their lower levels of engagement with healthcare, familial or societal attitudes, and their relationships with social media and technology1.

49% of 18-24-year-olds who have experienced high levels of stress, felt that comparing themselves to others was a prominent source of stress, which was higher than in any other studied age group2.

More than 9 in 10 Gen Z adults have experienced at least one physical or emotional symptom due to stress. Stress and sleep are the main drivers of Gen Z supplement use3.

Men and Brain Health

Traditional gender roles can influence men’s attitudes towards mental health and seeking help. Men may be more inclined to focus on improving their mental performance rather than addressing other mental health concerns due to stereotypes and social expectations4.

Men may have more exposure to risk factors – due to behavioral choices — that can impair cognitive health, such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and chronic diseases, while they also tend to have less awareness of brain-protective habits like regular exercise, healthy diet, and adequate sleep5

Women and Brain Health

Women may experience fatigue and anxiety due to various factors that span stress, depression, caregiving (for both children as well as aging parents), societal expectations, and generally shouldering a heavier load of domestic and career responsibilities. This ‘juggling’ of numerous roles – including full-time employment — also predisposes women to experience anxiety at double the prevalence as men (19.8% vs. 10.9% respectively), begging the question: How can we better address women’s day-to-day brain health needs, and with a holistic approach?6

Sources: 1. McKinsey & Company article: What is brain health?; 2. 2018 YouGov study, UK;; 3. American Psychological Association; Newhope report; 4.; 5. Verywell Mind article; 6. Counselling Directory UK

3 reasons to invest in brain health supplements

Fastest Growing​ Category

The global market of Brain Health supplements reached $4.2 billion in 2023, and exhibited a remarkable 10% CAGR from 2018 to 20231

Igniting Innovation

One in five new dietary supplements launched world wide in the past 3 years carried brain health claims2

Supplements Choice

Dietary supplements are the first choice of consumers to improve mental and emotional well-being3
Sources: 1 NBJ 2023 Condition report; 2 Ipsos Global Advisor Study 2021; 3 Vitafoods Insights 2022

Our Turnkey Solutions Meet Key Consumer Requirements

Products carefully designed in accordance with market trends and consumer demands

Tailored formulations that provide effective support targeted to brain health concerns 

Made of ingredients shown to provide health benefits, and that are backed by scientific research and based on traditional use 

Available as a customizable offering, from ingredients to fully developed, finished products

Brain Concepts by IFF

Developed for innovative companies eager to achieve rapid market access to the expanding Brain Health market. Our targeted concepts combine clinically studied ingredients and natural botanicals that provide effective cognitive support for key consumer concerns.

Design criteria:

  1. Tailored formulations that cater to consumer-preferred benefits and drive Brain Health innovation
  2. Optimal combination of recognizable and scientifically supported ingredients, boosting consumers’ reassurance and confidence in product benefits
  3. Multidisciplinary team-curated, turnkey solutions delivering top-tier quality, stability, efficacy, and format versatility

Saturn Serenity

Designed for those seeking natural and effective ways to improve mood and relaxation. This product promotes a balanced and peaceful state of mind amidst the stresses of modern life. It is made with a carefully selected blend of clinically studied ingredients and traditional herbs.

Mars Momentum

Specifically crafted for those seeking peak mental abilities through improvements in focus, concentration and mental clarity. The cutting-edge formula is made of powerful ingredients to boost your cognitive performance and achieve excellence in every aspect of life.

Venus Vitality

Tailored for busy women aiming to unleash their active lifestyle battling both mental and physical fatigue. This unique blend boosts cognitive function and ignites energy production, keeping you sharp and recharged. Experience the invigorating effervescent bubbles that revitalize your senses and get you ready to conquer the day ahead!

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