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At IFF Health we know that ingredient sourcing is just the beginning, and that’s why we prioritize the highest qualification and quality control standards each step of the way. Our historical ingredient and raw material data, in addition to industry know-how, give us a head start in providing you with the elements needed to support a successful launch: analytical identity checks, and systematic contaminant analysis to meet regulatory compliance

Our teams’ history in working with the entirety of the raw materials lifecycle means we’ve learned a few integral points along the way, including: what to look for in detecting high quality materials, as well as “red flags” signaling lower quality or adulteration.

To support these efforts, we leverage in-house historical data on our ingredients as well as on the raw materials, and our state-of-the-art facilities comply with the highest quality standards: our IFF Murcia is FSSC 22000 and NFS GMP certified.


ISO 22000

FSSC 22000

NFS GMP certification

ISO 22000

FSSC 22000

NFS GMP certification

EFLA® HyperPure - Focus on quality and safety

Despite rigorous raw material management, contract farming and rigid quality control, contaminants in plant extracts are still a prominent concern throughout the industry, posing a challenge for the maintenance of the multicomponent system of the plant during decontamination. That’s why we developed a highly selective technique: EFLA® HyperPure.

EFLA® HyperPure’s unique decontamination process not only ensures that finished extracts fulfill top-tier quality requirements and separates lipophilic substances (like sensitizers and pesticide residues) from liquid extracts, but also protects the environment in the process.

EFLA® HyperPure technology benefits


High degree
of purity

High product


Protection of the

No toxic
solvents involved

The balance of active ingredients as nature intended, through phyto-equivalance.

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