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IFF menopause concepts

Effective solutions enabling women to take care of their physical and mental health during the menopause transition. The concepts comprise carefully selected ingredients backed by clinical studies and traditional use. Experience the benefits of unique formulas combining probiotics, natural botanicals and health ingredients backed by science, stability data and consumer insights.

Product design


Our formulations are carefully crafted, leveraging IFF’s expertise of ingredient combinations to ensure optimal stability, and to maximize benefits. These concepts are also available in finished format to expedite your market access while offering an array of customization options. Connect with us to harness our extensive global expertise. 

The Mystic: Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

All-in-one formula powered by probiotics and plants that effectively addresses hot flashes, regulates feelings of stress, and improves sleep quality.

Dietary supplement called The Mystic
Dietary supplement called The Wise

The Wise: Mood Swings

A unique blend made of select probiotics and herbs that enhances your mood, and supports mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Queen: Brain Fog

A distinct formulation carefully designed with two robust botanical nootropics to boost your cognitive health.

Dietary supplement called The Queen
Dietary supplement called The Warrior

The Warrior: Weight Management

A “triple threat” supplement featuring probiotics, plants, and essential vitamins that support metabolic health and natural weight management.

The Healer: Skin, Hair, and Nails

A powerful combination of a skin-friendly probiotic, and key vitamins to nurture your beauty from within.

*Available only in EMEA

Dietary supplement called The Healer
Dietary supplement called The Guardian

The Guardian: Vaginal and Bladder Health

A natural blend of probiotic, soy and pumpkin extracts that support a balanced vaginal environment, and urinary frequency.

“I don’t want just a trendy product. I am seeking reassurance, safety and studied benefits”

-IFF Focus Group

Know IFF, Know Success

Companies aiming to venture into this untapped market can rely on IFF’s global talent and turnkey solutions – from ideation, formulation and manufacturing, to in-depth market insights, regulatory and scientific leadership – to inform next-level, novel concepts.

IFF's commitment to forging partnerships that support success in the menopause arena

IFF, together with other leading companies, has joined the GenM collective with the mission to improve women’s health & wellbeing during menopause. This powerful community is committed to serving mid-life women every step of the way, helping them to embrace the positive experiences of menopause.

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