IFF’s commitment to forging partnerships that support success in the menopause arena

What IFF is Doing About Menopause

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IFF, together with other leading companies, has joined the GenM collective with the mission to improve women’s health & wellbeing during menopause. This powerful community is committed to serving mid-life women every step of the way, helping them to embrace the positive experiences of menopause. IFF adopted unique expertise and market insights from the menopause segment through the GenM collaboration, establishing us as an unparalleled partner in the supplements industry.

GenM – the menopause partner for brands – believes brands have a responsibility to lead the menopause movement and drive purposeful change for millions of underserved consumers. A major milestone in this journey is reshaping society’s perception and shopping experience related to menopause.

GenM research highlights the consumer’s demand for better menopause signposting allowing for greater visibility of solutions and empowering individuals to take control of their choices.

In response to an underserved segment, this pivotal organization has introduced M-Tick – the world’s first independent symbol for menopause-friendly products, and IFF is at the forefront, showcasing novel menopause concepts labeled with M-Tick. The power of this collaboration further enables us to provide consumers with effective choices to help relieve and support the most prevalent symptoms.

Source: GenM

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IFF Menopause Concepts

Developed for leading supplement companies committed to delivering tangible solutions for menopause support​

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